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US IPO Week Ahead: DiDi makes its billion-dollar debut in a 17 IPO week

June 25, 2021
Week Ahead

17 IPOs are slated to raise $9.1 billion in the week ahead, led by long-awaited Chinese ride-hailing giant DiDi Global (DIDI).

DiDi (DIDI) plans to raise $3.9 billion at a $67.5 billion market cap. DiDi is China’s dominant ride-hailing app, with 15 million drivers across 4,000 cities and towns. The unprofitable company saw revenue more than double in the 1Q21 as its business recovered post-pandemic. It has a large accumulated deficit, and has been probed by China’s regulator for anti-trust violations. New and existing investors intend to purchase $1.3 billion of the IPO.

Cybersecurity platform SentinelOne (S) plans to raise $880 million at an $8.2 billion market cap. SentinelOne's Singularity Platform is an AI-powered extended detection and response platform that ingests, correlates and queries petabytes of structured and unstructured data to provide autonomous cybersecurity defense. Fast growing and unprofitable, the company had over 4,700 customers as of 4/30/21, up from 2,700 a year prior.

Turkish e-commerce platform D-MARKET Electronic Services & Trading (HEPS) plans to raise $681 million at a $3.9 billion market cap. Operating under the name Hepsiburada, the company connected 33 million members, 9 million Active Customers, and a base of approximately 45 thousand Active Merchants in 2020. The company is fast growing but EBITDA swung negative in the 1Q21.

Doughnut brand Krispy Kreme (DNUT) plans to raise $600 million at a $3.8 billion market cap. Krispy Kreme is an omni-channel business operating through a network of doughnut shops, partnerships with retailers, and an e-Commerce and delivery business. The company has a long track record and strong brand awareness, though its growth strategy is unproven.

Legal solutions provider (LZ) plans to raise $488 million at a $5.3 billion market cap. LegalZoom states that it is a leading online platform for legal and compliance solutions, claiming that 10% of new LLCs and 5% of new corporations in the US were formed via LegalZoom in 2020. Profitable on an EBITDA basis in the 1Q21, the company operates across all 50 states and over 3,000 counties in the US.

Identity verification platform Clear Secure (YOU) plans to raise $376 million at a $4.1 billion market cap. Clear Secure's secure identity platform uses to automate the identity verification process, with main offerings including CLEAR Plus, a consumer aviation subscription service, and two mobile apps. As of 5/31/21, Clear Secure's network included 38 airports, 26 sports and entertainment partners, and 67 Health Pass-enabled partners.

Chinese grocery delivery platform Dingdong (DDL) plans to raise $343 million at a $6.0 billion market cap. With fresh groceries as its core product categories, Dingdong states that it is the fastest growing on-demand e-commerce company in China. Unprofitable with explosive growth, the company had a 10% share of the on-demand e-commerce market by GMV in 2020.

SaaS solutions provider EverCommerce (EVCM) plans to raise $325 million at a $3.4 billion market cap. EverCommerce is a leading provider of integrated, vertically-tailored SaaS solutions for service-based SMBs. The company serves over 500,000 customers across three core verticals: Home Services, Health Services, and Fitness & Wellness Services.

Software provider Intapp (INTA) plans to raise $278 million at a $1.9 billion market cap. Intapp provides industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions for the professional and financial services industry globally. The company had over 1,600 clients as of March 31, 2021, and it currently has more than 20 clients with contracts greater than $1 million of ARR.

Online manufacturing marketplace Xometry (XMTR) plans to raise $275 million at a $1.9 billion market cap. Xometry states that it is a leading AI-enabled marketplace for on-demand manufacturing. Its buyers include businesses ranging from self-funded start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Since its inception, over 6.0 million parts have been manufactured through Xometry's platform.

Integral Ad Science Holding (IAS) plans to raise $240 million at a $2.5 billion market cap. The company’s technology provides metrics designed to verify that digital ads are served to a real person, viewable on-screen, and appear in a brand-safe and suitable environment in the correct geography. Profitable on an EBIT basis, Integral Ad Science served over 2,000 customers as of 3/31/21.

Plus-sized women’s apparel brand Torrid Holdings (CURV) plans to raise $156 million at a $2.1 billion market cap. Torrid is the largest direct-to-consumer brand of women's plus-size apparel and intimates in North America by net sales. The profitable company markets directly to consumers via physical stores and its e-commerce platform, which represented a majority of sales in the 12 months ended 5/1/21.

Alzheimer’s biotech Acumen Pharmaceuticals (ABOS) plans to raise $125 million at a $607 million market cap. The company's lead candidate, ACU193, is a humanized monoclonal antibody that selectively targets amyloid-beta oligomers. ACU193 entered a Phase 1 trial in patients with mild dementia or cognitive impairment due to AD in the 2Q21, with data expected by year end 2022.

Digital financial services provider AMTD Digital (HKD) plans to raise $120 million at a $1.4 billion market cap. AMTD Digital states that it is the "fusion reactor" at the core of the AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem, operating a comprehensive digital solutions platform in Asia. Profitable with explosive growth, the company primarily generates revenue from fees and commissions in two lines of business.

Drug formulation developer Aerovate Therapeutics (AVTE) plans to raise $100 million at a $325 million market cap. Aerovate's initial focus is on advancing AV-101, a dry powder inhaled formulation of imatinib for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The company has completed a Phase 1 study in healthy volunteers and expects to begin a Phase 2b/3 trial in PAH patients in the 2H21.

Neuromodulation device provider CVRx (CVRX) plans to raise $100 million at a $333 million market cap. CVRx manufactures and markets its minimally invasive neuromodulation solutions on its proprietary BAROSTIM platform. The company's states that its BAROSTEM NEO product is the first and only commercially available neuromodulation device indicated to improve symptoms for patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.

Belgium-listed Nyxoah (NYXH) plans to raise $87 million at an $803 million market cap. Nyxoah's lead product is the Genio system, a CE-marked, minimally-invasive hypoglossal neurostimulation therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. The company began generating revenue from Genio in Europe in July 2020 and is currently conducting a pivotal trial designed to support marketing authorization in the US.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Dingdong (DDL)
Shanghai, China
$23.50 - $25.50
Morgan Stanley
On-demand grocery delivery platform in China.
Aerovate Therapeutics (AVTE)
Boston, MA
$13 - $15
Developing a dry powder drug formulation for pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Clear Secure (YOU)
New York, NY
$27 - $30
JP Morgan
Provides a biometric identity verification platform.
Minneapolis, MN
$15 - $17
JP Morgan
Piper Sandler
Makes a minimally invasive neuromodulation device for cardiovascular disease.
DiDi Global (DIDI)
Beijing, China
$13 - $14
Goldman (Asia)
Morgan Stanley
Operates China's largest ride-hailing network.
Intapp (INTA)
Palo Alto, CA
$25 - $28
JP Morgan
Provides application software for professional and financial services.
Integral Ad Science (IAS)
New York, NY
$15 - $17
Morgan Stanley
Provides a digital advertising measurement and verification platform. (LZ)
Glendale, CA
$24 - $27
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Provides legal and compliance solutions in the US.
SentinelOne (S)
Mountain View, CA
$26 - $29
Morgan Stanley
Provides an automated cybersecurity threat detection and response platform.
Xometry (XMTR)
Derwood, MD
$38 - $42
JP Morgan
Operates an online marketplace for on-demand manufacturing.
Acumen Pharmaceuticals (ABOS)
Charlottesville, VA
$14 - $16
Credit Suisse
Phase 1 biotech developing a monoclonal antibody for Alzheimer's disease.
Istanbul, Turkey
$11 - $13
Morgan Stanley
JP Morgan
Operates the e-commerce platform Hepsiburada in Turkey.
EverCommerce (EVCM)
Denver, CO
$16 - $18
JP Morgan
Provides SaaS solutions to SMBs for business and customer management.
Krispy Kreme (DNUT)
Charlotte, NC
$21 - $24
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Owns, operates, and franchises doughnut shops.
Nyxoah (NYXH)
Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium
Piper Sandler
Commercializing a nerve stimulator implant for obstructive sleep apnea.
Torrid (CURV)
City of Industry, CA
$18 - $21
Morgan Stanley
Plus-size women's fashion retailer spun out of Hot Topic.
AMTD Digital (HKD)
Hong Kong, China
$6.80 - $8.20
AMTD Global
Loop Capital
Digital financial services provider being spun out of AMTD.

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