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US IPO Week Ahead: More micro-caps after a big week for IPOs

February 10, 2023
Week Ahead

After the busiest week for $100+ million IPOs in over a year, six small companies are currently scheduled to go public in the week ahead, four of which are eligible for inclusion in our IPO stats.

Electric bike maker SONDORS (SODR) plans to raise $20 million at a $96 million market cap. The company makes premium electric bikes through a collection of kits, and offers its entry level model to Costco customers through a partnership. Unprofitable but growing, SONDORS has delivered over 63,000 e-bikes in 72 countries since 2015.

Fitness equipment brand Interactive Strength (TRNR) plans to raise $14 million at a $100 million market cap. The company sells home fitness equipment and offers personal training classes under the Forme brand. Very small and highly unprofitable, its two product offerings feature a connected fitness mirror.

Gaming platform developer The NFT Gaming Company (NFTG) plans to raise $7 million at a $50 million market cap. The company is developing a digital gaming platform, and plans to integrate non-fungible tokens into games on the platform. NFT Gaming Co. has yet to generate revenue.

Holdover Intensity Therapeutics (INTS) plans to raise $8 million at an $84 million market cap in the coming week. The company’s lead candidate is currently in Phase 2 trials, one in late-stage diseases and another in early-stage breast cancer, and is expected to enter Phase 3 trials for advanced soft tissue sarcoma and neoadjuvant breast cancer in late 2023 or early 2024.

While not included below, infectious disease biotech Alopexx (APLX) plans to raise $15 million at a $39 million market cap, and BullFrog AI (BFRG), which is developing a platform for drug development, plans to raise $9 million at a $37 million market cap.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Intensity Therapeutics (INTS)
Westport, CT
Phase 2 biotech developing intratumoral injection therapies for cancer.
Interactive Strength (TRNR)
Austin, TX
$6 - $8
Aegis Cap.
Sells connected home fitness equipment and personal training classes.
NFT Gaming Co. (NFTG)
Roseland, NJ
Laidlaw (UK)
Developing an NFT-focused digital gaming platform.
Malibu, CA
$4 - $6
Makes electric bikes and motorcycles.

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