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US IPO Week Ahead: 2 small IPOs bring esports and cancer immunotherapies to market

July 22, 2022
Week Ahead

Two small deals are scheduled to price in the week ahead as the IPO market stays on track to post its slowest year in over a decade.

Mobile Global Esports (MGAM) plans to raise $17 million at an $82 million market cap. Operating as MOGO, the company is launching a platform initially for esports competitions played on mobile devices by university teams and players representing universities located in India and South Asia. MOGO currently does not have significant revenues or operations.

Immunotherapy biotech MAIA Biotechnology (MAIA) plans to raise $10 million at an $83 million market cap. MAIA’s lead candidate is expected to enter Phase 2 human trials in Australia and Europe in 2022 for NSCLC, and the company plans to seek accelerated approval in the US for treatment of advanced NSCLC in late 2024.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Mobile Global Esports (MGAM)
San Clemente, CA
$4 - $5
WestPark Capital
Developing an esports platform for university competitions in India and South Asia.
MAIA Biotechnology (MAIA)
Chicago, IL
$5 - $7
Phase 2 biotech developing targeted immunotherapies for cancer.

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