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US IPO Week Ahead: Chinese edtech leads the week's IPO calendar

January 13, 2023
Week Ahead

Three IPOs are currently scheduled to price in the week ahead. Only two qualify for inclusion in our IPO stats, led by Chinese edtech QuantaSing Group (QSG).

QuantaSing Group plans to raise $41 million at a $763 million market cap. The company states that it is the largest online financial learning service provider for adults in China, with a 37% share of the market by 2021 revenue, and as of 11/30/22, it had accumulated approximately 75.1 million registered users. QuantaSing is unprofitable and saw revenue decline in the 1Q FY23.

Canadian psychotropics company Lucy Scientific Discovery (LSDI) plans to raise $8 million at a $62 million market cap. Lucy has a Controlled Substances Dealer’s License from Health Canada to produce and conduct research using psilocybin, psilocin, MDMA, and LSD. The company is early stage but has commenced operations.

While not included below, holdover BullFrog AI Holdings (BFRG) plans to raise $8 million at a $34 million market cap. The pre-revenue company is developing an analytical AI/ML platform for drug development.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
QuantaSing Group (QSG)
Beijing, China
$11.50 - $13.50
Provides online financial literacy and personal interest courses for adults in China.
Lucy Scientific Discovery (LSDI)
Victoria, Canada
WestPark Capital
Early-stage psychotropics contract manufacturing company.

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