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US IPO Week Ahead: Software, payments, telecom towers, and more in an 8 IPO week

October 8, 2021
Week Ahead

The Fall IPO market is expected to stay busy with eight IPOs schedule to raise $1.9 billion in the week ahead.

Software development platform GitLab (GTLB) plans to raise $598 million at a $9.4 billion market cap. This founder-led company provides an end-to-end DevOps platform to accelerate the software development cycle from weeks to minutes and enable rapid, continuous updates. Although it competes with large players, Gitlab has delivered strong revenue growth and net retention.

B2B payments platform AvidXchange (AVDX) plans to raise $528 million at a $4.7 billion market cap. This SaaS provides an end-to-end billing and payment software platform to over 7,000 mid-market businesses. Avidxchange is growing but highly unprofitable with negative cash flow.

IHS Holding (IHS) plans to raise $506 million at a $7.6 billion market cap. This telecom giant is Africa’s largest independent operator and developer of shared telecom infrastructure, operating over 30,000 towers across five countries in Africa. Growing and profitable, IHS is the largest tower operator in six of the nine markets in which it operates.  

Orthopedic medical device company Paragon 28 (FNA) plans to raise $125 million at a $1.3 billion market cap. This medical device company is developing orthopedic implants and related medical devices for foot and ankle ailments. Growing and profitable, Paragon 28 offers a suite of surgical solutions with over 7 product systems and approximately 8,700 SKUs.  

Medical diagnostics company Lucid Diagnostics (LUCD) plans to raise $75 million at a $575 million market cap. This company makes diagnostic tests for esophageal precancer and cancer in gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) patients. Lucid Diagnostic states that its lead product is the first and only commercially available screening tool to prevent esophageal adenocarcinoma through early detection.   

ADHD drug developer Cingulate (CING) plans to raise $50 million at a $225 million market cap. Its two candidates, CTx-1301 and CTx-1302, are being developed for the treatment of ADHD. The company announced positive results from a Phase 1/2 study of CTx-1301 in October 2020, and plans to initiate Phase 3 trials in the 4Q21 with results expected in late 2022.  

Managed health plan provider Marpai (MRAI) plans to raise $25 million at a $142 million market cap. Marpai provides and manages a health plan platform for self-insured employers that pay for their employees’ healthcare benefits. Growing but highly unprofitable, this health plan platform uses AI to predict costly events to optimize employee care and employer savings.  

Dermatological drug spinoff Biofrontera (BFRI) plans to raise $18 million at a $66 million market cap. This pharmaceutical company commercializes dermatological drugs, specifically ones used to treat diseases caused by sunlight exposure that results in skin damage. Biofrontera’s principal product, Ameluz, is currently approved by the FDA for use in treating actinic keratosis.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
AvidXchange (AVDX)
Charlotte, NC
$23 - $25
JP Morgan
Provides a billing and payments software platform to mid-market businesses.
GitLab (GTLB)
San Francisco, CA
$55 - $60
JP Morgan
Provides software development and collaboration tools for programmers.
IHS Holding (IHS)
London, United Kingdom
$21 - $24
JP Morgan
Africa's largest independent operator of telecom towers.
Lucid Diagnostics (LUCD)
New York, NY
$14 - $16
Cantor Fitz.
Makes diagnostic tests for esophageal precancer and cancer.
Marpai (MRAI)
Tampa, FL
$8 - $10
Managed health plan platform for self-insured employers.
Biofrontera (BFRI)
Woburn, MA
$5 - $7
Roth Cap.
Spinoff of Biofrontera AG's commercialized dermatology portfolio.
Cingulate (CING)
Kansas City, KS
$10 - $12
Phase 3-ready biotech developing formulations of stimulant drugs for ADHD.
Paragon 28 (FNA)
Englewood, CO
$15 - $17
Piper Sandler
Makes orthopedic implants and medical devices for the foot and ankle.

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