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US IPO Week Ahead: Foreign issuers dominate a 4 IPO week

January 15, 2021
Week Ahead

Four IPOs are scheduled to raise $1.8 billion in the shortened holiday week, featuring a diverse group of foreign issuers.
China’s leading e-cigarette brand RLX Technology (RLX) plans to raise $1.0 billion at a $14.0 billion market cap. RLX Technology sells e-cigarettes and related accessories through over 100,000 retail outlets throughout China. Fast growing and profitable, the company boasted a 63% share of the e-vapor market in China in 2019.

Brazilian private equity firm Patria Investments (PAX) plans to raise $400 million at a $2.0 billion market cap. One of the leading PE firms in Brazil, the company has an investment portfolio of over 55 companies and assets and has raised over $8.7 billion since 2015. As of September 30, 2020, the firm had $12.7 billion in AUM with 16 active funds. Patria plans to pay a dividend to shareholders representing approximately 85% of its distributable earnings.

Germany-based luxury fashion site MYT Netherlands (MYTE) plans to raise $266 million at a $1.5 billion market cap. Operating under the name Mytheresa, the company offers clothing, shoes and accessories from multiple luxury brands through its e-commerce platform. The company is fast growing and profitable with approximately 522,000 active users, representing a 30% customer CAGR since the FY16.

Dream Finders Homes (DFH) plans to raise $130 million at a $1.2 billion market cap. This Florida-based homebuilder is expanding nationally and has successfully completed several acquisitions. In the 9mo20, Dream Finders Homes expanded its EBITDA margins to 9%, and pro forma revenue increased 29%. Existing shareholder Boston Omaha has indicated on $25 million worth of shares in the IPO.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Dream Finders Homes (DFH)
Jacksonville, FL
$12 - $15
Florida-based homebuilder expanding nationally.
Mytheresa Group (MYTE)
Munich, Germany
$16 - $18
Morgan Stanley
JP Morgan
Global luxury fashion e-commerce platform.
RLX Technology (RLX)
Beijing, China
$8 - $10
Leading e-cigarette brand in China.
Patria Investments (PAX)
São Paulo, Brazil
$14 - $16
JP Morgan
Leading private equity firm based in Brazil.

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Street research is expected for Inhibikase Therapeutics (IKT) on Monday, 1/18.

Lock-up periods will be expiring for six companies. On Monday, 1/18: Jamf (JAMF). On Tuesday, 1/19: Montrose Environmental (MEG). On Wednesday, 1/20: Annexon (ANNX), Inozyme Pharma (INZY), iTeos Therapeutics (ITOS), and Nurix Therapeutics (NRIX).

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