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How does Kenvue’s debut stack up against past billion-dollar IPOs?


J&J spin-off Kenvue (KVUE) dominated headlines last week, raising $3.8 billion in the largest US IPO since 2021, and the sixth-largest deal of the past 10 years. In many ways, Kenvue stands alone among the largest IPOs of the past decade: A mature, profitable business going public in a challenging environment provides stark contrast to the fast-growing, more

Bulge to bust: Bulge bracket banks have disappeared from the IPO market in the past year


The past year's global selloff has wreaked havoc among new issuers. Many large IPO candidates have paused offering plans indefinitely, and with the decline in large deals, bulge bracket investment banks have virtually disappeared from the IPO market. Bulge bracket banks have long been staples of the IPO process. Between 2018 and 2022, the top three – Goldman Sachs, more

IPO Index caps off a red January with its best day since 2020


After a challenging several months, the Renaissance IPO Index gained 7.8% on Monday, capping off a tumultuous January with its best performing day since March 2020. The Renaissance IPO Index (IPOUSA) is a basket of the largest and most liquid IPOs over the past three years tracked by the IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO). It currently contains 107 constituents that span eight sectors, and more

Fall 2021 US IPO Preview: An Active End to a Record Year


The US IPO market has already posted its busiest year since the internet bubble in 2000, and we expect issuance to stay active in the fall. With broader equity markets at all-time highs and a burgeoning IPO pipeline of private unicorns, many long-awaited names will finally take the leap to public markets, supported by the busiest month of August for new filings in over a more