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US IPO Week Ahead: Small deals bring battery-swapping, logistics, and mining to the IPO market

April 14, 2023
Week Ahead

Four small deals are currently scheduled to price in the week ahead, three of which are eligible for inclusion in our stats, though other issuers may join the IPO calendar late.

Holdover U Power (UCAR) plans to raise $18 million at a $368 million market cap. U Power started as a vehicle sourcing service provider in China, and in 2020, it also began developing automated battery-swapping stations under the UOTTA brand. The company is highly unprofitable and has limited operating history in an emerging market.

Hong Kong-based contractor WANG & LEE GROUP (WLGS) plans to raise $8 million at a $75 million market cap. Operating as a construction prime and subcontractor, WANG & LEE provides a wide range of large sitework construction services to private construction customers. The company cut its deal size by 50% in March.

Chinese logistics services provider Jayud Global Logistics (JYD) plans to raise $7 million at a $97 million market cap. Operating in mainland China and Hong Kong, the company offers a range of cross-border solution services such as freight forwarding and supply chain management. Fast-growing and profitable, Jayud generated over half of 1H22 revenue from its top five customers.

While not included below, holdover U.S. GoldMining (USGO) plans to raise $20 million at a $121 million market cap, offering units. Spun out of dual-listed GoldMining, the company is focused on exploring and advancing a project in Alaska. U.S. GoldMining has no operating revenues, and does not anticipate generating revenues for the foreseeable future.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
U Power (UCAR)
Shanghai, China
$6 - $8
WestPark Capital
Launching automated battery-swapping stations for electric vehicles in China.
Hong Kong, China
Provides design and contracting services to the construction industry in China.
Jayud Global Logistics (JYD)
Shenzhen, China
$4 - $5
Cross-border logistics services provider in China.

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