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US IPO Week Ahead: IPO calendar marches on with more small deals

March 17, 2023
Week Ahead

Three small IPOs are currently on the calendar for the week ahead.

Chinese grain producer YanGuFang International Group (YGF) may price in the week ahead, planning to raise $13 million at a $163 million market cap. The company’s portfolio includes oatmeal, oat flour, oat bran, and oat nutrient and health series products, among others. Profitable and growing, YanGuFang operates in various Chinese provinces and expanded to the US in October 2022.

Chinese amusement park operator Golden Heaven Group Holdings (GDHG) plans to raise $9 million at a $234 million market cap. The company manages and operates six amusement and water parks and complementary recreational facilities across southern China, and guest visits totaled 2.4 million in the FY22. The IPO float is expected to be just 3.8% of basic shares outstanding.

Holdover Mangoceuticals (MGRX) plans to raise $5 million at a $71 million market cap. The company has developed a new brand of erectile dysfunction (ED) product under the brand name "Mango," which will not be approved by the FDA. To date, it has sold only a small amount of products, planning to market and sell commercial quantities of its Mango ED product in the 1Q23.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Golden Heaven Group (GDHG)
Nanping, China
$4 - $5
Revere Sec.
R. F. Lafferty
Operates six amusement and water parks across southern China.
Mangoceuticals (MGRX)
Dallas, TX
Provides an erectile dysfunction product via telehealth.
YanGuFang (YGF)
Shanghai, China
$4 - $6
EF Hutton
Chinese producer of oat and grain products.

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