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US IPO Week Ahead: More small deals keep the summer IPO market moving

August 19, 2022
Week Ahead

Two small deals are scheduled to price in the week ahead, only one of which is large enough to be included in our IPO stats. More small issuers may join the calendar during the week.

Starbox Group Holdings (STBX) plans to raise $23 million at a $203 million market cap. The company is building a fintech ecosystem targeting micro, small, and medium enterprises in Malaysia, with cash rebates at the foundation. As of 3/31/22, its GETBATS website and mobile app had roughly 614 thousand members and nearly 800 merchants. The company is profitable, but its revenue stream has been highly unstable.

Another Malaysia-focused payments app recently IPO'd in the US: Treasure Global (TGL) went public earlier this month and closed Friday 42% above offer (-68% from first-day close).

While not included below, ASX-listed Mobilicom (MOB) plans to raise $12 million at a $20 million market cap in its Nasdaq unit offering.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Starbox (STBX)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
$4 - $5
Network 1
Provides a payments app in Malaysia that offers cash rebates.

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