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US IPO Week Ahead: More small IPOs in the first full week of the 3Q

July 8, 2022
Week Ahead

Following a quiet holiday week for the IPO market, five small deals may begin trading in the week ahead, though only three meet our coverage criteria.

Cutting its deal size by 45% on Tuesday, Chinese chip designer Nano Labs (NA) now plans to raise $20 million at a $613 million market cap. Fast growing and highly unprofitable, Nano Labs designs fabless computing chips primarily for the mining of various cryptocurrencies.

Japan-based Warrantee (WRNT) plans to raise $15 million at a $91 million market cap. The company provides corporate sponsors' potential customers with extended warranty coverage on durables or certain healthcare benefits through sponsors. Warrantee is profitable on an EBITDA basis, though its revenue is concentrated to a few customers.

After increasing its proposed offering the end of last month, Virax Biolabs (VRAX) plans to raise $7 million at a $57 million market cap. Operating in the UK and Hong Kong, Virax Biolabs provides a portfolio of diagnostics test kits and med-tech and PPE products for viral diseases. The company has a limited operating history and is highly unprofitable.

Although not listed in the table below, two companies may complete unit offerings in the coming week. Energy storage system maker NeoVolta (NEOV) plans to raise $5 million at a $131 million market cap and crowdfunding platform Netcapital (NCPL) plans to raise $6 million at a $29 million market cap.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Virax Biolabs (VRAX)
London, United Kingdom
UK-based provider of diagnostic tests and PPE for viral diseases.
Nano Labs (NA)
Hangzhou, China
$11.35 - $11.51
AMTD Global
Fabless chip designer in China focused on cryptocurrency mining.
Warrantee (WRNT)
Osaka, Japan
$6 - $8
Network 1
Provides extended warranties in exchange for marketable consumer data in Japan.

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