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US IPO Week Ahead: Bausch + Lomb plans the second largest IPO of 2022

April 29, 2022
Week Ahead

Updated Monday, 5/2.

In what would be the second largest IPO of the year, eyecare company Bausch + Lomb (BLCO) is scheduled to debut in the week ahead. Some small issuers and SPACs may also price during the week.

Planning to dual list on the NYSE and the TSX, Bausch Health spin-off Bausch + Lomb (BLCO) is expected to raise $788 million at an $8.2 billion market cap. The offering will consist entirely of secondary shares. Bausch + Lomb has a presence in approximately 100 countries and a comprehensive portfolio of over 400 products. While it faces significant competition from other brands and generic products, the company is highly profitable with strong cash flow, and it has global brand awareness of more than 70%.

Biotech PepGen (PEPG) plans to raise $101 million at a $301 million market cap. Using a platform originally developed by researchers at the University of Oxford and the Medical Research Council of United Kingdom Research and Innovation, PepGen is generating a pipeline of oligonucleotides for severe neuromuscular and neurologic diseases. Its lead candidate is being developed for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and recently entered a Phase 1 trial, with topline data anticipated by the end of 2022.

Holdover Austin Gold (AUST) may also price in the week ahead, with plans to raise $13 million at a $52 million market cap. The company has interests in four properties throughout Nevada, only one of which it considers to be material at this time.

While not counted below, smart eyewear maker Innovative Eyewear (LUCY) may raise $10 million at a $59 million market cap in its unit offering.

A handful of SPACs may price in the week ahead, often joining the calendar late. Blank check issuance has been on a steady decline since the start of the year driven by poor post-merger returns, which have incited a wave of merger terminations and SPAC IPO withdrawals.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Bausch + Lomb (BLCO)
Vaughan, Canada
$21 - $24
Morgan Stanley
Leading supplier of contact lenses and eyecare products.
PepGen (PEPG)
Cambridge, MA
$13 - $15
SVB Leerink
Phase 1 biotech developing oligonucleotide therapies for neuromuscular diseases.
Austin Gold (AUST)
Vancouver, Canada
Roth Cap.
Canadian gold exploration company with four properties in Nevada.

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