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US IPO Week Ahead: December kicks off with a 1 IPO week

November 26, 2021
Week Ahead

The US IPO market is taking a breather after the holiday week, with just one IPO scheduled to raise $30 million in the first week of December.

While the calendar is quiet at the moment, several IPOs are eligible to launch on Monday, including Indian IT services provider Coforge (CFRG.RC), cloud infrastructure platform HashiCorp (HCP), luxury fashion e-tailer Rue Gilt Group (RGG), rugged apparel brand 5.11 ABR (VXI), and Florida-based insurer TypTap Insurance Group (TYTP).

Phase 1-ready biotech Nuvectis Pharma (NVCT) plans to raise $30 million at a $160 million market cap. The company is initially focused the development of innovative precision medicines for the treatment of serious unmet medical needs in oncology. Nuvectis is currently developing two preclinical candidates, with its lead candidate expected to begin a Phase 1 trial in the 4Q21.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Nuvectis Pharma (NVCT)
Fort Lee, NJ
$12 - $14
Phase 1-ready biotech developing in-licensed precision therapies for cancer.

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