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US IPO Week Ahead: Another biotech plans to take on the IPO market

April 3, 2020
Week Ahead

Biotechs are back as another early stage biotech, Keros Therapeutics (KROS), plans to take on the IPO market in the week ahead, following last week's successful debut of Zentalis Pharmaceuticals (ZNTL).

Keros Therapeutics, a Phase 1 biotech developing novel treatments for hematological and musculoskeletal disorders, plans to raise $75 million at a $290 million fully diluted market cap. The company’s lead candidate, KER-050, is expected to begin a Phase 2 clinical trial for low blood cell count disorders in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes and myelofibrosis. The company’s pipeline also contains clinical candidate KER-047, which is in Phase 1 trials for anemia and fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, and two preclinical candidates. Keros has raised nearly $78 million to date from VCs including Pontifax Venture Capital and Arkin Bio Ventures, most recently raising $56 million last month.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Keros Therapeutics (KROS)
Lexington, MA
$14 - $16
Phase 1 biotech developing therapies for blood and musculoskeletal disorders.

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