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US IPO Week Ahead: Birkenstock steps into public markets with a $1.5 billion IPO

October 6, 2023
Week Ahead

Birkenstock Holdings’ (BIRK) billion-dollar IPO is currently the only deal scheduled for the week ahead, although some small issuers may join the calendar late.

Birkenstock plans raise $1.5 billion (67% secondary) at an $8.7 billion market cap, making it one of the largest consumer discretionary IPOs of the past two decades. Cornerstone investors have indicated on nearly half of the offering. The 250-year old sandal maker has developed a portfolio of "footbed"-based products, offering over 700 silhouettes. Birkenstock is pitching a combination of profitability and growth, along with widespread brand recognition. Despite its robust fundamentals, the company is coming public against a backdrop of weak aftermarket trading from recent large IPOs.

U.S. IPO Calendar
Deal Size
Market Cap
Price Range
Shares Filed
Birkenstock (BIRK)
London, United Kingdom
$44 - $49
JP Morgan
European shoemaker known for its luxury sandals.

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Birkenstock’s IPO will make it the first large issuer of the 4Q. To read more about what happened last quarter and what we expect for this quarter, check out our quarterly content for the 3Q:

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