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US IPO Week Ahead: No IPOs as market turbulence continues


No IPOs are currently scheduled to price in the week ahead, although a few SPACs may join the calendar during the week. Although the calendar is quiet, several large issuers have kept the pipeline active, including piano maker Steinway Musical Instruments Holdings (STWY), childcare provider KinderCare (KLC), thrift store chain more

Sector-wide sell-off: IPOs from all but one sector have traded off in recent months


The IPO market set new records in 2021, but a recent sell-off has walloped new issuers across nearly every sector over the past 90 days and 30 days. The sole sector with positive average returns, energy has produced just two IPOs since 2021, one of which was acquired shortly after its IPO (VEI). The remaining issuer, Aris Water Solutions (ARIS), averages more

2021's biggest IPOs are some of the biggest losers


In 2021, 27 IPOs raised $1 billion or more, the biggest-ever crop of billion-dollar IPOs in a single year. While the largest issuers have historically outperformed the broader group average, that is not the case for 2021 IPOs. Of last year's 27 billion-dollar deals, just three are trading above issue (11%), and the group averages a -40% return, below the total 2021 average of more

Climb high, fall hard: Recent IPOs have tumbled from their 2021 highs


2022 IPO activity has been weighed down by poor returns and volatility, grinding to a halt in late February. Many of the best-performing IPOs in recent years have been hit hardest by the recent sell-off. Over two thirds of IPOs since 2019 (530 of 775) are down 50% or more from their 52-week highs. Now that the sky-high prices of last year’s IPO boom have come back down more