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Pre-IPO Research

Find out why the largest and most active institutional IPO investors from around the world rely on our IPO Intelligence research platform for unbiased and comprehensive coverage of the U.S and international IPO markets.

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IPO Intelligence is

  • Independent: Balanced, not just a Wall Street pitch.
  • Comprehensive: Covers 100% of the U.S. IPOs and major international deals.
  • Valuable: One smart institutional trade can pay for the subscription fee.
  • Cost Effective: The service costs a fraction of hiring just one analyst.
  • Timely: Issued before the IPO is priced, when other coverage is not available.
  • Smart: Enviable track record of distinguishing the good IPOs from the bad.
  • Disciplined: Uses a time-tested framework for successfully evaluating IPOs.
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IPO Intelligence

The IPO Experts

Our team of investment professionals are passionate about IPOs.

With over 25 years of research and investment expertise, we are dedicated to helping our clients profit from IPOs.

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Renaissance has cornered the market for smart and timely pre-IPO research.

- SMID Cap fund manager
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