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IPO Advisory and Valuation Services
Renaissance Capital has been providing institutional investors with highly valued, independent research on initial public offerings for more than 20 years. Renaissance brings our extensive knowledge of IPOs, including valuation, deal structure, governance issues, startup industry sectors, and vast database of more than 8,000 IPOs to our advisory and valuation clients.
Pre-IPO Assessment
An unbiased assessment by Renaissance Capitalís experienced professionals can reduce the risks of being unprepared for investor pushbacks to your business plan or corporate structure.
Launching an initial public offering requires significant executive time and financial resources. The penalties for a failed or disappointing IPO attempt are wasted executive effort, distracted employees, unfavorable publicity and a potentially tainted reputation that can impede a future second IPO attempt.
While legal counsel, bankers and IR firms provide valuable pre-IPO advice, Renaissance Capital has a unique perspective: we analyze prospective IPO issuers the way potential investors will. As a result, your company will have an unbiased and realistic assessment of how public investors will evaluate your company. Structural and fundamental issues that are likely to cause public investor pushback are identifiable and many are correctable. Our comprehensive assessment includes:
  • Identifying and analyzing fundamental strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing corporate and governance structure
  • Identifying and analyzing key risks and concerns
  • Selecting appropriate comparable public companies for valuation purposes
Stock Option Valuation Services
As a specialist in IPOs, we understand the importance of an accurate, sound and defensible valuation of a private companyís stock and stock options as it approaches the major milestone of its initial public offering. The valuation of a private companyís stock is influenced by the companyís stage of development, competitive position, the valuations of publicly traded comparable companies and third-party transactions. We have a sophisticated understanding of the issues and considerations associated with a variety of valuation techniques as they relate to fair market value (IRC 409A), fair value (ASC 820) and other valuation needs of management and the board of directors.
With decades of interaction with institutional investors and private companies ready to go public, we have practical experience in addition to experience in applying the valuation techniques and guidelines provided by the AICPA, FASB (GAAP) and the Accounting Standards Board (USPAP). We are accustomed to analyzing new industries and their valuation challenges. We work with our clients to provide valuation updates as often as needed and validate the valuation analysis when our clients are ready to turn it into a valuation report.
IPO Compliance Services
Complying with new and changing regulations pertaining to research restriction on IPO is challenging. Renaissance Capital provides Lock-up and Quiet Period tracking tools to the compliance divisions of leading investment banks to ensure that the timing of research distribution adheres to securities laws. Renaissance Capitalís clients rely on us to track their IPOs and deliver timely and accurate alerts about quiet period and Lock-up releases.
Other Advisory Services
Renaissance Capital provides independent analytics, enterprise valuation, litigation support and expert witness testimony for corporations, law firms and lawmaking and regulatory bodies. The scope of our work includes the IPO process, valuation, industry trends and disclosure. We rely on our extensive database, including comparables, pricing and valuation metrics, governance standards, industry characteristics and activity levels.

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About Renaissance Capital
Renaissance Capital, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, is the global leader in providing independent research and investment management services on newly public companies. (more)
Our Professionals
The Founders:
Renaissance Capital was founded by three Wharton Business School Grads in 1991. Kathleen Shelton Smith, Chairman, was a Director of Technology and Emerging Growth Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch. William K. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, was a financial restructuring investment banker at Bear Stearns and Kidder Peabody. Linda R. Killian, CFA and Portfolio Manager, was a research analyst and portfolio manager at Citibank and Wertheim Schroeder.

Renaissanceís founders have given lectures and participated in seminars at Wharton, Yale and Tuck business schools. The firmís senior professionals have appeared on CNBC, PBS, ABC, and Bloomberg Radio and TV as well as provide commentary to numerous print and online publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times and Investorsí Business Daily. In addition, the firm frequently provides input to regulators and policy makers about the Capital Markets.

Research Team:
Renaissance Capitalís analysts are all honors MBAs or BS/BA graduates from some of the top universities in the United States including Dartmouth, Georgetown, New York University and Princeton. Our experienced analysts provide in-depth research on every IPO and track the latest developments in the IPO market.
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