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Chinese recycling equipment maker Harden Technologies withdraws then refiles for a $6 million US IPO

June 10, 2024

Harden Technologies, a Chinese manufacturer of industrial shredders and other equipment, withdrew its plans for an initial public offering on Monday, before refiling a new F-1 with the same terms as those in a POS AM filed last month.

The Zhongshan, China-based company plans to raise $6 million by offering 1.3 million shares at a price range of $4 to $5. Prior to the POS AM filing, the company had planned to offer 1 million shares at a range of $5 to $7.

Harden is a waste management equipment and recycling equipment manufacturer in China, specializing in the manufacture of customized industrial shredders and material sorting machines and production lines. In 2023, Harden supplied its products to an aggregate of 238 customers operating in the industrial, municipal, and solid waste disposal industries.

Harden Technologies was founded in 2010 and booked $21 million in revenue for the 12 months ended December 31, 2023. It plans to list on the BZX under the symbol HAHA. Tiger Brokers is the sole bookrunner on the deal.